Asset Based Finance

In need of some instant cash? Don’t look anywhere else. Cash in 24 provides asset-based finance options for you in Canada. Asset-based finance, or asset-based lending, helps people secure money for emergencies. You could use the money for your personal expenses or professional commitments. Whatever the reason, asset-based financing always comes in handy.

If you’re unfamiliar with what the term means or how the process works, read the following paragraphs to get an insight. With financing, an individual can cover any need, and that too without going into lengthy written processes. 

What is Asset-Based Financing?

The current economic situation makes managing various expenses difficult. One might fall short of money at any point. In such conditions, you could avail of asset-based financing. The process allows borrowers to take out loans against any asset they own.

These assets could be anything, including liquid assets from balance sheets to properties, machinery, or even unpaid invoices of your firm. As long as it comes in the category of an asset, you can use it to avail the opportunity.

Most banks and private lenders provide people with these options. Individuals should consider it an average loan that they can pay back along with the interest amount.

Types of Asset-Based Financing

There are various categories of asset-based financing, each one supporting a particular cause. Some common categories include:  

  • Factoring an invoice/Invoice financing: This is the easiest way for a business to access money trapped in invoices. Here, unpaid invoices serve as collateral. Through factoring/invoice financing, small-scale businesses get immediate help to pay invoices. It’s available for all small businesses that sell products or services on credit to other firms.
  • Equipment financing: Firms can use company equipment as collateral to attain funds. Of course, in these conditions, the loan amount depends on the value of the machine.
  • Real estate financing: A traditional way to get financing is by putting your property as collateral. You could use any land in your name to secure a loan.

With these options, you can deal with any urgent cash needs, and if you’re opting to work with entities like ours, in 24 hours, the cash is in your hand. Cash in 24 offer cash loans for every small and large business setup. 

What Documents do I Need for financing a loan?

Before going ahead and applying for asset-based financing, check your necessary documentation. For example, you will need valid proof showing ownership of an asset and its worth. Similarly, businesses might need to present financial documents like cash flow statements and balance sheets to convince a bank to provide them with a loan.

Credit history is part of the screening process, but you can get bad credit loans in Canada at any hour with us. We believe in supporting people in tough times, thus providing no credit check loans in Canada.

Can I Opt for Asset-Based Financing with a Bad Credit History?

Yes, asset-based financing options with Cash in 24 don’t take into account your bad credit history. Whether you’re representing a company or approaching us as individuals, we will offer loans to you in both conditions. Our bad credit loans online option allows you to send us your application, and you get cash within 24 hours.

Why Opt for Asset-based Financing?

No doubt, asset-based lending has multiple benefits. Not only do these programs offer guaranteed approval for loans for poor credit in Canada, but they also secure funds in a shorter time. There are minimal upfront costs, which means you don’t have to pay extra to the bank.

Moreover, firms can acquire working capital, and there isn’t any tension of repayment. You could pay through monthly installments according to your ease. One cannot also forget that these financing options come in handy at the time of company expansion.

When it comes to serving financial needs, Cash in 24 makes sure to cater to everyone. Unlike traditional banks, your credit history and source of income don’t matter to us. We have an easy online application process where you enter basic information and get a loan according to your needs. Trust us to help you and your business get back on track with easy asset-based financing options.

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