Equipment Financing

Equipment is a necessary part of every small and large-scale business. No matter what business activities you perform, fully functional equipment is needed. Well, as much as these pieces of equipment are essential for your business, they are also expensive. However, you won’t need to worry about purchase or repair costs with equipment financing options.

Use financing for hardware needed by your business to increase overall production. It’s a much better option than using your savings or taking out money from your running business. Here is a short guide on how the right equipment financing can save your life and work.

How to Apply for Equipment Financing?

If you wish to acquire a loan for equipment financing, there are many steps to follow. Start by deciding which equipment is required and what difference it makes in your work. Lenders will wish to know where their money is being invested. Once you have a clear idea of the equipment, see how much investment you need. Second-hand pieces always cost less than first-hand equipment.

Having a clear idea about the machine’s price allows you to apply for an exact amount. In case, you don’t calculate the amount needed at the start, you might end up with an excess or an amount lower than your needs. Both situations won’t do you any good.

Afterward, gather all necessary paperwork, including financial documents and papers to your collateral. You will need to attach these with your application. 

Does Credit History Matter?

When it comes to assessing whether you will get a loan or not, your credit score comes in handy. Banks see everything from your business dealings to the time you’ve been in the market. However, above everything, your business credit score will influence your decision. People with a higher credit score quickly get financing in comparison to those with lower values.

With Cash in 24, you get bad credit equipment financing in Canada. Yes, unlike traditional banking policies, we don’t believe in judging you based on your credit score. So, you can always apply with us for no credit check equipment financing. Buy any machinery, and that too without spending a cent from your pocket.

What to do with Equipment Financing Funds?

Equipment financing helps you purchase machinery necessary for your business activities. It could be a first-hand or second-hand machine. However, one can do so much more than only purchase machinery, when it comes to equipment loans. For example, you could:

  • Increase overall capacity: Some hardware helps increase the overall production rate. So, it would be a valid reason for applying for a loan.
  • Improve efficiency: Similarly, you could modernize current machinery, which helps improve operational efficiency.
  • Invest the funds as capital in your business: If needed, these loans can act as capital for your business.

You might not realize it, but a single loan helps your business grow beyond your imagination.

Terms and Conditions to Check

Not every lender offers the same terms and conditions, so choose wisely. Don’t choose the first lender that comes in front of you. Search around and compare interest rates offered by lenders in your area. Try finding a lender offering flexible repayment plans at a lower interest rate. Without comparing the pros and cons of multiple lenders, one can never decide what’s better for them. Take into account complete details. For example, if a lender offers an option for prequalification, don’t hesitate to see what rates you qualify for.


Getting an equipment loan with Cash in 24 is extremely simple. You don’t need to visit banks or compare interest rates. We help you get instant loans without lengthy procedures. Borrowers get the necessary approvals and the money in a day. So, don’t hesitate to apply due to a low credit score. Helping you and your business matters to us more than your credit history.

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