Car Title Loan

Suppose you need urgent cash but can’t understand how to arrange the funds. No need to look elsewhere when you have a vehicle in your name. Your car could be of significant help in this situation. All you need to do is apply for a car title loan and you can be eligible for any loan amount.

Most individuals might not know, but their vehicles are a source of cash when emergencies hit. Your car comes in handy even if you have a bad credit score. Yes, car title loans help you pay for any unplanned expenses without taking into account your credit history. It’s not easy to predict when the situation worsens, and these short-term loans might be an ideal solution.


What are the Eligibility Requirements?

Car title loans can improve your life, but one must understand the eligibility criteria before applying. Instant loan approval is no joke. It’s not a lengthy process, but you must meet the basic requirements, including:

  •     Having insurance for your car.
  •     Having a car not older than 8 years
  •     Complete ownership of the vehicle. If you haven’t paid the installments on your car, it can’t be eligible for a car title loan.
  •     Make sure all registration papers are complete and with you.
  •     The applicant must be above 18 and in possession of a driving license.


Your application will be accepted by any institution if you meet the necessary criteria.

What is the Application Process?

If you’re wondering how to get a car title loan in Canada, there are a few simple steps. Your journey will start with gathering all relevant documentation. That means arranging proof of income, car title, and valid identification.

Now that you have all the papers, start finding a lender. Don’t choose the first lender that comes in front of you. Always, check all available options and pick an option that is most beneficial to you. Try picking a lender who offers the best deal. Some features to look out for are a lower interest rate and flexible payment plans.

Car title loans are short-term, but sometimes, borrowers make mistakes that trap them in a vicious debt cycle. Make sure to save yourself from these traps. With complete documentation and the right lender, it’s time to review each step and submit the papers to your lender.

Can any Vehicle Help me Qualify for a Loan?

Whether you own a jeep, truck, or any other vehicle type, it can be used to apply for a loan. Lenders will only check if the vehicle is in the applicant’s name. Along with vehicle ownership, several lenders also demand vehicle inspection documents. Your car’s inspection report will determine its condition and value.

Will My Bad Credit History Weaken My Chances?

Often, people end up ruining their credit history with minor mistakes. It could be as simple as not timely paying back loans or canceling their cards without thinking through it. If you also made these mistakes and are hesitant to apply for an urgent loan, don’t be shy. Lenders like Cash in 24 help you even if you have declared bankruptcy. We give loans based on the value of your car, not your credit history.

Choosing Cash in 24 in Tough Times

As told previously, we provide monetary support to every individual in Canada. Our loan programs allow you to apply for a loan amount ranging from $500 to $25,000. For years, we have been helping Canadians manage their financial burdens and continue to provide the same support to new applicants. We work with you to make sure you easily manage this short-term loan. 

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